Butt Busta Challenge 13th November 2016

Course Description

The course is a mix of flats, ups and downs, obstacles, beautiful bush, water
and mud.
Follow the course below and visit the photo gallery for each feature to see how the competitors in November 2011 got on. Remember this is a fun event so you do only what you are comfortable with, walk around any obstacle that makes you uncomfortable, but don't be a wuss.

Start is next to the finish, showers and the kitchen, very important for after the event. You can get hot showers and warm food and drinks.

Run about 200 meters on the flat to the first feature.

  1.  The Web. Simple, step through the rope web and run 10 meters to ..
  2. The Wall. A five foot verticle wooden wall to clamber over. The up side has some steps to help you over. Then through the bush up and down a slope then ..
  3. The Tyre step. Where would we be without a load of old tyres to fall over. Then before you know it your in six inches of mud stepping through a ditch, that's a warm up for whats to come.
  4. The Stream. We are very clean concious and decided to put you through 150 meters of natural stream bed to wash the mud off your shoes. Once out of the stream your at number 5
  5. The Verticle poles and swinging log. Up and across. Don't even break your stride. Up a flight of steps into the confidence course area. Start with a balance walk then ..
  6. The Verticle slatted wall. Easy up and through climb then 10 steps to ..
  7. The Crawl. We have kicked the possums out so all you have to do is down low, knees and elbows for 8 meters then out and over ..
  8. The Rope wall. Another wall but this one has foot and hand holds with rope on the down side. Off the wall and another web to step through then up the paddock
  9. The Beam. Easy climb over or crawl under, really depends on how knackered you are. Then you have some very nice bush to move through on a nice path before ...
  10. The Hill. Do it in your own time. Take a breather unless you think your fit then attack it, see you at the top. 
  11. The Pine Forest descent. Well you've gone up so the zig zag through the pines drops you back to the flat. A bit of a scramble in places but fun. Once on the flat you do some more bush running then pop up onto ..
  12. The Wire walk. The kids fly across this. Age brings sensibility so the adults are a bit slower. Off the wire and through the stream into ..
  13. The Pond. A 100 metre wade around the centre island. Really good fun, its not everyday you get to do this. Out of the water then into ..
  14. The Pit. This feature was a total error but has proved to be a hit with competitors and spectators, check out the photos. Followed swiftly by .
  15. The Net Crawl. This is the last bit of mud, unless of course you are doing more than one lap.

Just past The Pit and The Net is the turn off for the finish line a welcome sight for many. The photo's show loads of smiles.

Families and Businesses

This is a great time for the whole family to get out and have some fun. Bring a pic nic and just enjoy doing something together. For a business or club social event this has to be the ultimate bonding experience although we do not suggest you see if the boss can hold his breath for 10 minutes in the pond!!

Course Details


The event is based at the Brookfield Scout Camp which you find when you drive through Wainuiomata and head towards the Coast Road. When you leave Wainuiomata you go through a residential area then hit a small group of shops just at the top of a very small rise, take the left turn and follow it till the end of the road and you will come to the Brookfield complex.

There are showers and toilets on site. The Scouts will be selling hot food and drink which you may need.


Start times will be from 9am for the Junior 4km. Then the adults races will start from 10 am. There will be mandatory race briefings before each race start. This is where you will be given any last minute time or course changes.

What to expect.

You will get wet and muddy. So bring dry/warm clothing to change into after the event. Showers are available so soap and towel will be needed. Consider what you are to wear during the event, long socks or trackster bottoms to give your lower legs some protection may be a good idea. You will be wading and crawling through mud so make sure you have covered all open wounds with waterproof plasters. The stream beds are natural with uneven surfaces and stone bottoms. Depth varies from ankle to knee deep.

Entries/Late Entries.

Online entry is available on the Race Entry Page. For those wanting to use a paper entry an entry form can be downloaded at the bottom of the Race Entry Page. All entries received after midnight Sunday 6th will be subject to a $10 late entry fee. All online entries will be confirmed by email. For postal entries debit from your bank account of the race entry fee will be confirmation of entry.

We will accept late entries at registration on the Sunday but we expect the event to fill quite quickly so it would be advised to enter early to avoid disappointment.

Entry Fees are;

12KM (3 loops)$42
8KM (2 loops)$38
4KM (1 loop)$32
Junior 4KM (1 loopUnder 13 years $23
Junior 4KM (1 loop)Under 9 must have accompanying adult$27

All competitors under must run with an adult. The adult to be with the child at all times.


Registration/collection of numbers/bag will be at the Race HQ in the main building at the camp on race day. Registration will be open from 8:00 am. Do not leave it too late to collect numbers cause we will start on time.

Race refunds

Refunds before November 6 will be subject to a $10 administration fee, after midnight November 6 refunds will only be given on production of a doctors certificate.

Water and Aid stations

Water will be available at every 4km, this is just after you leave the pond.


Prizegiving will be held onsite as soon as the last person finishes. There will  be randomly drawn spot prizes. Race numbers will be needed to collect prizes.

Parking and Personal Kit

There is some parking on site. However it would be helpful if athletes could arrange to travel to the event together by car sharing where possible. There will not be any secure storage for kit so try to arrange for someone to hold it for you.